Winsig Power Injector / Splitter

Winsig Power Injector / Splitter

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Winsig Power Injector and signal distribution box

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Our Winsig splitter and power injector has two inputs and three outputs.  We can run two TV outputs and FM/DAB, or a third TV when combined with our Winsig 4.0 antennas.  The splitter is features net zero loss of signal to each output so that we can preserve high quality signals from distant transmitters.  Locally designed and manufactured, this new signal distribution box can be mounted in a cupboard where 12v DC power is convenient and combined with our own Winsig wall plates to provide all of the necessary TV points for Caravans, campers and Motorhomes.

The frequency response for this item is 5 – 1000 MHz and covers the FM, DAB+ VHF and UHF TV bands.

In the box:

Winsig Power Supply/Splitter

Power fly lead and connector

Screw fasteners (4)

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