Wind-up mounting kit (NEW Australian made version)

Wind-up mounting kit (NEW Australian made version)

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AU$250.00 inc. GST per package

Wind-up mounting kit

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Complete mounting kit for a caravan or RV which requires a wind-up TV antenna from scratch.  This kit will also suit those who wish to convert their existing King/Jack or fixed omni-directional antenna to a wind-up antenna.

This kit contains all the genuine Winsig Australian made mounting parts along with power supply and splitter electronics, and cabling needed to add a wind-up antenna such the Winsig 4.0 series of antennas to their vehicle

Note:  This kit does not contain the antenna itself, this should be purchased separately. (Winsig 4.0 retrofit kit)

In the box:

Winsig Composite gear housing and base plate asm

Winsig worm gear

Winsig elevation gear

Winsig directional handle

Winsig hand crank

Winsig zero loss power supply and splitter (2 input – 3 output)

TV+12V Wall plate

5m quad shield RG6 coaxial cable

Attaching hardware

Installation instructions