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UHF Radios & Antennas

Looking for the latest and greatest in UHF CB antennas? Look no further than Winsig. The UHF CB TX3100 is super compact and easy to install, incorporating the latest Digital Signal Processing technology. It’s perfect for those looking for a new era in UHF communications.

 Our other option the UHF XRS-390C CB Radio with Bluetooth also features a built-in GPS receiver, making it perfect for iSTUD & COLLINEAR MOUNT antennas. 

All our products are proudly manufactured in Melbourne.  We seek to support the local industry and by doing this the majority of the parts we use are sourced from local Australian suppliers. 

Our products are tested to our own rigorous standards prior to leaving the factory. This ensures only the best reaches you. In addition, our products are certified and comply with all necessary Australian regulatory requirements.

All of our products are designed using the latest Computer Aided Design and Analysis techniques from Solidworks.  We develop and test our products extensively in both the laboratory (such as the Swinburne University Radio Frequency Laboratory – shown above), and in the real world throughout Australia.

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