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With over 50 years of combined Engineering experience we are here to assist RV, caravan and camper owners alike. No matter how far you travel in your Australian adventures we aim to ensure that you are never without the connectivity you require.


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Cel-Fi Go

This mobile repeater provides an extension of the Telstra Mobile network for in vehicle use in areas with marginal mobile coverage and is an evolved smart signal booster that can amplify cellular signals up to 100 dB.  This system is perfect for RVs, boats and 4WDs alike.

We Won!
We’re thrilled to have received the SAE Professional Engineering Gold Award, Caravan/ Camping category 2016. Here’s Winsig Director Andrew Holmes (right) accepting the award.  Winsig were nominated after developing the Generation 3 Antenna Products. Enjoy the article featuring our Director, Andrew Holmes, by clicking on the link below.

ABOUT WINSIG – Caravan TV Antenna & Cel Fi Go Systems

With over 50 years of combined Engineering experience we are here to assist RV, caravan and camper owners alike.  No matter how far you travel in your Australian adventures we aim to ensure that you are never without the connectivity you require.

From caravan TV antennas to broadband internet antennas our products can directly replace all caravan TV aerials including Winegard TV antennas.  Winsig ensures you can set off of your travels knowing that one of the essential items on your checklist will not let you down.

From the many caravan shows, Winsig travel to around Australia, and as caravan enthusiasts ourselves, we are well aware of the limitations and frustrations many of you experience from existing caravan antenna installations. Whether this is due to the fact you have an older model or have bought a new model that is not suitable for the area you are travelling.
We take a pragmatic approach to get to understand you and your travel preferences and destinations. The critical thing to remember is with Winsig you do not need to become an overnight expert on polarity, vertical or horizontal waves, and what parts of Australia suits what spec the best, let us do that for you. You give us the right information we’ll ensure you get the right product.

5G Mobile Phone Network in Australia – Caravan Reception

The introduction of the 5G network in Australia is gaining momentum, so what does this mean for Australian Travellers?

5G will be many times faster than the 4G LTE network that is in use today, but this is dependent upon the frequency of transmission of the signals that carry the 5G information. Some estimates have been made that a typical movie download which will take approximately 6 minutes on the current 4G network might be achieved in under 20 seconds with a suitable antenna for 5G. These figures cited by Qualcomm must be taken with some caution however, as the speed of the network will be heavily dependent on the frequency of transmission of the signals.

There is a great deal of talk about mm wave technology – these use transmission frequencies in the range 24 to 90 GHz which is much higher than today. These are an enabler for superfast network speeds (up to 10Gb per sec), but they come with a significant downside. They do not transmit well over large distances and can easily be blocked by everyday objects such as people, trees, even poor weather. In Australia it is likely that these network cells will be confined to corporate use, maybe even internal to buildings. They are not likely to be rolled out before 2021 here is Australia.

December of 2018 saw the first of the frequency band auctions completed in Australia, with our major Telco companies laying claim to the 3.6GHz (Mid Band) frequencies for 5G, with Telstra planning to begin offering 5G during this year (2019). Some trials conducted in Europe using similar frequencies and high quality 5G antennas yielded average network speeds of approximately 500 Mb per second or 5-10 times faster than our current 4G LTE network. This is significant, but not the superfast speeds available with mm wave length technology.

There is also the possibility of low band frequency set (700 to 900 MHz) being used here. This could be in an attempt to give decent coverage across our wide land. This would go some way to replicate the 4G LTE network that we now use Australia wide.

What does 5G allow us to achieve? There are several advantages to 5G, most of which relates to advanced communication. A far from exhaustive list is as follows:

  • Online 3D gaming in real time
  • Autonomous vehicle usage

So, what does this mean for the caravan antenna industry? Well we are eagerly awaiting the washup of these trials, and at this stage it appears as though current mobile phone antenna technology may have a place in the world of 5G antennas. In order to unlock the full network speed, MIMO (multiple antenna arrays for simultaneous transmission and reception of signals) will definitely be required, but these do not ensure greater network coverage.

As a premium mobile phone and caravan TV antenna supplier, Winsig Antenna Systems now has a 5G antenna available. In many cases for travellers, the current 4G LTE speed is more than adequate, and this network is likely to exist as a cost-effective solution for travellers for some time to come.

Feel free to explore other mobile phone antennas and caravan TV aerials on Winsig’s dedicated products pages. We have recently upgraded our e-commerce system to improve your browsing and shopping experience. Purchasing antenna on Winsig’s online store is now easier, faster and more convenient for all our customers anywhere in Australia.

Winsig 4.0 Caravan Tv Antenna - Product Video

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All our products are designed and manufactured in Australia, specifically for Australian conditions. You are buying directly from the Winsig Antenna Systems manufacturing facility, and therefore we provide expert advice on installation, setup, problem resolution, and explain our warranties thoroughly.

We have all the latest technology of Winegard TV Antennas through to Mobile Phone Antennas for your short or long journeys throughout the count
ry. However, our philosophy is not to act just as a stockist or supplier; we also serve in a consultancy capacity giving you peace of mind that once you get to your destination, you may be missing a toothbrush, but you won’t be missing the big game.

Today’s reality is the market has become flooded with products that say they are the best, but can they stand up to the test?

We are innovators of internet antennas as well as caravan TV antennas and our growing reputation resulted in a recent visit from RV Daily magazine. They approached us to participate in an article about TV reception and internet connectivity while travelling to remote areas all around the country testing various models and products available on the Australian market including some of our own latest designs and patents including:

The Winsig 3.2 Ultra Antenna
The Winsig 3.2 Ultra Plus TV & Broadband Antenna
The Winsig 3.2 Camping Antenna

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